Career Exploration

The first step in career planning is to understand yourself. Self-assessments help you explore and understand your:

  • Workplace Values: identify what is important to you in the workplace
  • Personality: explore your personality traits to identify occupations that are a good fit
  • Skills: identify your skills and strengths and find occupational areas that use these
  • Interests: explore your likes and dislikes to identify occupations that are of interest to you

Using self-assessments will help you to choose a suitable career that ignites your passion. To get started, visit the Province’s WorkBC website. Here you will find a lot of career information and a number of assessments that will help you make a career plan.

If you are NOT already a Self-Service Client, you need to register. To register, visit the Online Employment Services Portal and complete the application.

If you are a Self-Serve Client and need some assistance understanding the results your career assessments and would like help to make a Career Plan, register for Employment Services. When you register for Employment Services, you will get your own Career Coach.

Stepping into the Job Market

This online training module provides easy to follow information and activities to help you understand the job market and your work interests and values. You can move through the module at your own pace. At the end, you will have some ideas about the jobs you are suited for and you will be well-prepared to meet with a Career Coach at the WorkBC Centre.