More youth with developmental disabilities get help finding work

March 29, 2023

Youth with developmental disabilities will get extra help to transition from school to work through a $2-million provincial grant.

Impact, run through the Delta Community Living Society, helps youth between 15 and 19 with developmental disabilities find employment through supports and services. As many as 360 more youth could get jobs through the three-year grant, which expands the program’s reach to 10 B.C. communities.

“We want youth with developmental disabilities to have work options where they are valued and can grow,” said Sheila Malcolmson, B.C. Minister of Social Development and Poverty Reduction. “We’re funding programs, like Impact, to help young people get jobs that matter to them.”

Impact and supporting youth with developmental disabilities is further supported through the recently released Re-imagining Community Inclusion Workplan, which was developed with community partners and people with lived experience. The workplan includes a 10-year vision that sees people with development disabilities thrive fully and equally, as well as work to ensure access to meaningful employment, while contributing to a more inclusive and barrier-free economy.

“Getting into the Impact program and getting a paid job greatly increased my confidence in myself,” said Matt Pettengell. “I learned a lot of things about what it’s like to be employed by the government. I look forward to working at my job again this summer.”

Source: BC Gov News