The Langley WorkBC Centre offers a variety of programs and workshops to assist individuals to develop training and career plans and to prepare and conduct effective job searches. Browse the calendar and the workshop descriptions listed below the calendar.

To learn more and to register, please contact WorkBC Langley at: 604-360-4196 or


The Langley WorkBC Centre offers the following career exploration and job search workshop series. Please check the calendar for upcoming workshops.

Hidden Job Market

Networking is an essential job search strategy that can help you obtain unadvertised jobs (Hidden Job Market). Participants learn how to use networking to their advantage when searching for a job or advancing in their career. Discover practical networking strategies, both virtual and in person, that can help you find meaningful employment.


The Interview skills workshop provides clients with the experience to learn about what skills are required in order to have a successful interview, and what interviewers are generally looking for in a candidate. After this workshop, you will be better prepared to answer interview questions and have a better understanding at building rapport with the interviewer.

Effective Communication

In this workshop clients learn best practices of how to communicate in the workplace, as well as strategies to maintain effective communication. Participants learn about handling stress, gossip and punctuality. By learning how to communicate better, participants will interact in a more constructive and productive manner, making the workplace a positive and thriving environment.


After this workshop, you will learn how to create a resume targeted to a job posting to achieve the best chance of being selected for an employment interview. This workshop includes resume types, development of the highlights of qualifications, profile section, and tips for applicant tracking systems (ATS).



Setting the Stage

At the end of this workshop participants will understand values and how they fit into the workplace and career exploration. An understanding of the emotional roller coaster of losing a job and how to transition.

Planning Your Path

This Workshop covers topics including personal planning and goal setting, occupational interests and the current labour market, self-awareness and job maintenance. Clients will develop strategies for professional growth by: Learning strategies to explore a range of careers options, identifying interests, and what skills are relevant to their career goals.

Moving Forward

Move forward to success in the workplace by setting goals and identifying your skills, values and attributes. Learn to manage time, gain adaptability, communicate effectively, solve problems and build relationships to get and keep a job.

Steps to Training Success

This workshop is for clients considering skills training. The workshops assists clients in the readiness necessary to build a skills development plan. Clients will research and develop a skills plan to support the career options they identified within The Career Planning workshop series.