Remote work takes on new meaning with Canada’s Top 100 Employers

November 18, 2021

It’s still about resilience. That’s what has and still defines Canada’s Top 100 Employers 2022 by Mediacorp in a year where business has been anything but usual. COVID-19 hasn’t left so all of us – from CEOs to mid-managers to that nice HR rep – have continued to adapt to a new way of working, a new normal.

Remote took on a new meaning in this era. We gradually got more comfortable with the technology and the home office, even if that workspace was your hall closet. Co-workers came into each other’s lives and homes in unexpected ways. Colleagues met your children, pets and partners.

You shared virtual yoga class or trivia nights with the team over wine. In some ways it seemed more personal than when we all worked together in the same room. You could feel the culture shift as you cooked cacciatore along with the company president.

Remote could also mean feeling disconnected or simply fatigued by the never-ending pandemic. Mental health care became a top priority with the best of employers providing increased access and benefits for workers under stress.

Black Lives Matter, National Truth and Reconciliation Day, climate change, #MeToo all drew our attention in turn. People saw the world through a new lens and rightfully held companies accountable for their values.

Canada’s Top 100 Employers 2022, selected by Mediacorp Canada Inc., faced the same challenges as every other organization across Canada: How to stay connected, keep their culture alive, continue professional development and onboard new hires working out of their parents’ basement. What’s the new normal tomorrow?

The winners of this year’s competition stepped up and listened to what their workforce needed, to what their communities needed and responded. They continue to set the standard for doing business in Canada with best practices. These are the organizations that adversity made stronger.

Source: Globe and Mail