Study says women well represented in commercial real estate. Insiders disagree

April 19, 2024

Data shows Canada’s commercial real estate (CRE) sector inching towards diversity. Insiders say the lived experience paints a different story.

Women represent 45.6 per cent of the workforce in Canadian CRE firms, the highest representation out of all countries surveyed, according to Feb. 2024 report by Ferguson Partners.

“I was surprised that this study showed women comprise 45 per cent of the workforce in CRE, it seems like less from where I’m standing. While this data is still very valuable, I think there are likely two main factors to explain this discrepancy between the data and my lived experience,” said Rosi Hunter, a Vancouver-based vice-president at mortgage brokerage Axestone Capital.

Hunter speculated that the data likely sources large corporations, where diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) initiatives are top of mind, and may not include boutique firms or independent brokers.

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