Guidance, Encouragement, and Support Get Client Through the Storms

November 23, 2020

For a number of medical reasons, Lynn had to leave her last job. Lynn really wanted to re-enter the workforce and came to the Langley WorkBC Centre for assistance. She was unsure, given her health issues, what type of work she could take on and wanted to explore self-employment options. Her experience and her interest was for work in the Health and Safety Sector.

At the Langley WorkBC Centre Lynn attended employment readiness and career planning workshops. At this point, its seemed Lynn really was best suited for self-employment and her Career Coach connected her with the Centre’s Self-Employment Business Consultant. Lynn’s business research included conducting informational interviews with companies in the Health and Safety Sector. One of these interviews led to a job offer in a rapidly expanding organization!  Below are parts of a message Lynn sent to her Career Coach.

“I am awestruck and cannot believe it’s real. When I met with the Employer, they opened by disclosing the company has expanded significantly in the last six months during the pandemic, as they merged or acquired many of the smaller competitors, with more acquisitions and geographic expansions in 2021.  The Employer had reviewed my resume prior to our meeting and when he heard my intention is to be a self-employed Health & Safety Consultant, trainer, and auditor and the reasons why, he proposed a current job they had posted for an H&S Admin / Coordinator.

By 6pm the next day, the Employer had worked with HR and the powers that be, and they sent me a draft of a 10 page offer / employment agreement.

I am very pleased that in this role I will have the flexibility, limited responsibilities, and will not carry the stress or accountabilities of management.  Plus I will not have the stressors of running a business, finding clients, and incurring business expenses, etc.; and, as an employee I will be secure with a monthly salary, benefits, a new office space, and social atmosphere, etc.

Thank you sooooo much for guiding me, encouraging me, and being there to support me through the storms.  I will ALWAYS remember your kind, caring, gentle and firm nudges as I tried to move forward with courage!”