Hard Work and Persistence Pays Off

October 22, 2021

Denise graduated from BCIT and worked for three years within the IT sector, specifically in the Quality Assurance field. In 2019, she was laid off. In January 2020, Denise came to the Langley WorkBC Centre requesting job search support and help connecting with employers.

Denise completed the Job Search Workshops offered at the Centre which helped her to develop the skills she needed to prepare for, find and maintain employment. Once these workshops were complete, Denise was referred to the Centre’s Employment Placement Specialist.

The Employment Placement Specialist (EPS) directly marketed Denise to employers in the IT field and assisted her with job applications. As a result, Denise was interviewed by various companies and polished her interview skills. Denise had been out of the workforce for more than a year; that and the pandemic made securing employment challenging. The EPS worked closely with Denise for over four months. In August 2020, the EPS was able to get Denise a Quality Assurance position with the support of the Wage Subsidy program.

Unfortunately, the company had to reduce its workforce due to Covid-19 and fully eliminated the Quality Assurance team and, in November, 2020, Denise was again laid off.  This was very difficult for her but Langley’s Employment Placement Specialist was there to provide ongoing encouragement and support to find further employment in the IT field. Denise upgraded her IT skills by completing some online courses and continued her job search.

In October 2021, Denise was finally rewarded for her hard work and persistence! With the help of her EPS and the Wage Subsidy Program, Denise started a new job as a Quality Assurance Analyst.


*Client’s name has been changed to protect privacy.