Strongly Recommend the Services at WorkBC

February 10, 2024

Carolyn was a stay-at-home mom for 10 years following the birth of her second child. After this time away from the labor market, she found herself uncertain about her interests, strengths, and how to navigate the job search process. In addition, Carolyn is an immigrant with minimal experience in job hunting and no relevant prior work experience, and so she faced several challenges.

Carolyn turned to WorkBC Langley, seeking assistance to overcome the obstacles she encountered during her job hunt. Upon meeting her career coach, Avneet, Carolyn felt understood and supported. Avneet guided her through her challenges and scheduled workshops tailored to meet Carolyn's needs.

“The meeting and following phone calls with Avneet were warm, inspiring, and encouraging.”

The workshops proved invaluable to Carolyn’s journey. “I attended the career exploration and job searching workshops. The career exploration answered my questions about what I was interested to do and what I was good at. These pointed to my career direction. And, the job searching workshop is strategic and practical. This is the first time that I learned how to search for a job, find hidden jobs, and write my cover letter and resume. I found these two workshops really helpful.”

Carolyn secured a position as a scheduler for home health at VCH. Reflecting on her experience, says: “I would strongly recommend WorkBC Langley’s services to everyone who might need the service and support.”