Wage Subsidy Supports Client to Rebuild Career in Canada

August 14, 2020

Ricardo is an internationally trained Business Development Professional who came to Canada from Brazil on a work permit in 2017. In 2019, Ricardo obtained his Canadian Permanent Residency. Since arriving in Canada, Ricardo has worked as a Customer Service Supervisor.

Like all internationally trained professionals, Ricardo arrived with education and experience, but with little local work experience and almost no professional network. As a result, when work dried up, Ricardo could not find a new job and realized he needed help with his job search.

He joined the SEED Youth Program at Douglas College. SEED is designed to assist youth 15 to 30 years of age to find and keep full-time employment. After completing the training provided by SEED, he was referred to WorkBC Langley for further job search support and potential access to the Wage Subsidy Program.

Ricardo was an excellent candidate for the Wage Subsidy Program as it is designed to support clients to get the work experience and the additional on-the-job training required to sustain long-term employment. The program also benefits employers by allowing them the opportunity to provide specific training and to assess the suitability of the client. With the matching support of an Employment Placement Specialist, Ricardo participated in a 16-week Wage Subsidy Placement with Rock Solid Business Coaching.

Ricardo has secured a full-time permanent position with Rock Solid and is getting the experience, training and support he needs to rebuild his career in Canada.

*Name has been changed to protect client’s privacy.