WorkBC Helps Man Find New Purpose After Injury Caused Disability

February 23, 2023

Shawn was employed in the construction and forestry sectors, working as a roofer and a remote logger. His employment came to a halt in 2017 when Shawn had an accident resulting in a brain injury. After waking from a coma, Shawn was diagnosed with Mild Neurocognitive Disorder and underwent intensive physical, cognitive, and speech therapy in to regain his walking and speaking abilities.

After rehabilitation, Shawn attempted to return to roofing, but found he was no longer able to work comfortably and safely at heights. Shawn began to struggle.

“I was suffering financially and emotionally, and I felt like I was losing hope. I contacted WorkBC to get help finding work. I was paired with a lovely Counsellor named Holly, who step by step, walked me through the process to become an active member of the work force again. She was thorough, considering my injuries and abilities, kind, caring, compassionate, and professional.”

WorkBC Langley provided Shawn with customized employment services. Shawn completed a Discovery Assessment, which outlined his strengths, needs and interests. WorkBC also helped Shawn obtain a Psychological Vocational Assessment, as well as a Functional Capacity Evaluation to more accurately assess where Shawn was in his recovery journey as his neuropsychological assessment obtained after his injury was no longer reflective of his abilities. Shawn’s performance on these assessments boosted his confidence to re-enter the work force.

Shawn knew he had a passion for helping others and building community, but being new to the social services sector, he was unsure of how to get started. Shawn gained unpaid work experience at the Gateway of Hope Thrift Store in Aldergrove as a donation attendant. Upon completion, he was offered a paid position and is thrilled to continue working in a meaningful environment.

Shawn continues to experience mild neurological and physical limitations related to his injury. He is in recovery for substance abuse stemming from his struggles but continues to thrive with the opportunities he’s been provided. He has been increasing his hours at work as his recovery continues and his capacity for increased hours grow.

“WorkBC, prepared me for all aspects of the return-to-work process. They helped me plant the seeds that grew into the fruit of my labour. I still have a brain injury, but my self-worth is through the roof. I’m happy. This program works if you put the work into it.”

Way to go Shawn! We’re incredibly happy for your success. You’ve worked hard for it.