What are the most in-demand skills for 2022?

January 20, 2022

Customer service is expected to be the most in-demand skill for 2022.

Scheduling is second on the list as health and safety regulations put in place amid COVID-19 mean companies are turning to intelligent scheduling software and other solutions to ensure an even, distanced flow of people while also serving everyone, according to a report by Randstad Canada.

Sales (third), cleaning (fourth), repair (fifth) and budgeting (sixth) took up the next four spots on the list of most in-demand skills, followed by project management (seventh), quality control (eighth), administrative support (ninth) and accounting (10th), says Randstad, using an internal analysis data tool to compile the results.

“Initially, organizations were focused on making sure their workforce had the technology and security they needed to remain operational; now the focus is on the long-term need to push sales, provide best-in-class customer service, provide a safe environment for their employees and customers and effectively manage their budgets,” says Patrick Poulin, group president of Randstad Canada.

Source: HR Reporter