Langley Employer Removes Label and Creates Pathway to Employment

October 6, 2020

Ana, Owner and Operator of Urban Pets in Langley, has a passion for helping people launch their careers. She believes that many people with diverse abilities “just haven’t had the same opportunities” and “it just takes the right environment”. And she is ready and prepared to provide that environment to all individuals with a range of abilities.

Recently, Ana was introduced to Krista, a 27-year-old woman who could not find employment. All Krista wanted to do was work with dogs, but she had been assessed and labelled as someone with a “sight restriction”. This label became her barrier to employment. The young woman and her family, extremely frustrated and with limited hope, were connected to Ana by a WorkBC Langley Career Coach.

Ana believed that if she could see the world as Krista does, she could design a program to train Krista as a groomer. As part of exploring the issue and brainstorming solutions, Ana was given a vision chart to look through that would mimic what Krista sees. Through this chart, Ana could see, but not at all clearly. Ana tried testing her “blurry” vision caused by the chart by looking at her phone. At normal brightness it was not clear. Ana upped the brightness to maximum and she could see quite well. She realized that increased light improved her “blurry” vision and suggested that a headlamp might help Krista take on the detailed tasks of a dog groomer.

Ana was right. With the use of a $40 high volume headlamp, Krista can now do the detailed work required of a groomer. With the support of her Career Coach at WorkBC Langley, Krista has submitted an application for government funding for training to become a certified Dog Groomer. While she waits to hear about funding, she is volunteering at Urban Pets and gaining experience and confidence. When she receives funding, Ana will train Krista and prepare her for certification.

In Ana’s words: “Now that I can see how she sees the world; I can teach her.” Ana knows Krista is absolutely employable, and after certification, she hopes Krista might build her career at Urban Pets.

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