Now We’re Cookin’

June 14, 2022

Olatoun immigrated to Canada from Nigeria in 2014. In her home country, she was a chef. After immigrating, she was only able to find work as a line cook. She worked for two years as a cook in a casino restaurant before being laid off due to COVID in 2020.

In January 2022, as the pandemic-related restrictions lifted, Olatoun came to the Langley WorkBC Centre. She was seeking job search support and assistance connecting to potential employers in the hospitality field. She attended several job search workshops and gained the skills she needed to be competitive in the current labour market.

Once she had completed the job search training, she was referred to an Employment Placement Specialist (EPS). The EPS connected Olatoun with a local restaurant, The Bistro, and an interview was set up. Olatoun was well-prepared and the interview was successful. The EPS worked with the employer to access the Wage Subsidy Program. On June 1st Olatoun started employment as a Cook.

Olatoun is very excited to start her first professional job as a Cook in Canada and very grateful to all the staff at WorkBC for their support.