A 10-point plan to tackle homelessness in Langley has support from all three levels of government

November 21, 2022

A 10-point plan to tackle homelessness in Langley includes a proposal for a “Community Navigator” to help different agencies and levels of government work together better, and calls for construction of “second-stage” housing for women and children fleeing violence, along with other measures to improve services and fill in current gaps in coverage.

It was developed by the Langley Housing and Homelessness Action Table, a “cross-sector partnership” launched by Langley East MLA Megan Dykeman, that has brought together representatives from agencies that deal with homeless people and all three levels of government.

Dykeman said it became clear during the pandemic that homelessness was a “multi-ministry challenge” that required action on many fronts.


Source: Langley Advance Times