Conduct your job search

Upgrade your job search skills and gain an edge over the competition! With new and advancing technologies, an effective job search may include:

  • Building a resume and cover letter that “speaks to” your prospective employer, even when
  • Submitting online applications and other documents
  • Designing resumes with “key words” to make sure your resume will get noticed by companies using scanning technologies
  • Using social media to network and learn about job fairs, events and other opportunities
  • Checking your social media history and using social media to present yourself positively to employers
  • Preparing for both in-person and online job interviews
  • Understanding the labour market and upgrading your skills to not only get a job but also to keep your job and grow and advance

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Keeping On My Job Search Mission

Don’t lose your focus or momentum while Job Seeking – in this online module, you’ll gain critical skills to keep you moving forward in your job search:

–   Learn how to “ride the wave” of your job search, and not lose determination over setbacks or stall outs

–   Develop personal marketing skills that make connecting with employers (and other professionals) easy and natural

–   Get clarity around your job choices; what’s driving you, and how does that impact what you consider when picking your next job

By the end of this self-paced module, you’ll be equipped with skills to job search with confidence!